Where should we do our photos!? I get asked this a lot. Fortunately our city is HUGE! And we have a ton of possibilities. 

Below is a short list of some of my favorite locations:


  • Home - Your home is one of my favorite places to shoot. It’s where the kids feel comfortable and are most likely to be themselves. It also gives each photo a more personal touch. Looking back years later you appreciate that you had that snippet of your lives frozen in time. However I understand that not everyone wants to showcase their home! Especially if you have to cram all the toys into a closet to even see the floor like at my house!

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Inside the loop:

  • Helen's Park - Perks: This adorable kid sized door!!! There is also a charming little stream and they work very hard to keep the park packed with flowers. Fails: The park requires some walking from nearby parking lots. Sometimes there is mud and toddlers can find the water distracting. No bathrooms http://www.braeswoodplace.org/item_list.asp?subcat=31&subtitle=Helen%27s+Park Category: Green space

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  • Rice University (Add $50) - Perks: This is a gorgeous campus. The main entrance off main st. is unbeatable for its old oak tree cover. Even on a cloudy day this avenue is pretty. And there is even some covered archways that can be a godsend on a sprinkly or hot hot day. Fails: The university charges $50 per hour to shoot here and parking is an additional few dollars. It can also be busy during the school year and those trees attract a lot of mosquitos. Wear off! No bathrooms but if you're sneaky you can find a secret one I know of. http://www.campustravel.com/university/rice/ Category: Green space

  • Heights Blvd - Perks: Art! The community uses the esplanade to display works of art that can be fun in pictures! But it is also a very pretty strip of road with lots of walkable options. Fails: there is a busy street on either side so hold on to those kiddos! Also this limits me somewhat since no one wants cars driving through their photos! No bathrooms. Category: Green space

  • Hermann Park - Perks: Its very big! There are always a ton of options here. There are also plenty of walkable places around here too like the Cancer Memorial where you MUST go if you are having a quinceanera, or Rice Blvd, and coming soon the new rose gardens! Bathrooms yes! Fails: The nicer the weather the worse the parking!!!! And just don't even go there during spring break. Its a trap! Category: Green space

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  • Texas A&M University Park - Perks: This little park is a hidden gem. There are all sorts of dramatic and wonderful things happening on this corner lot. If you hit it at the right time of day it sings! Fails: It's a little close to the road for my taste and the spray from the fountains can be a little intense on a windy day. Also the parking is not great and you have to cross a busy street to get to it. No bathrooms. - Main and Holcombe http://tamhsc.edu/campuses/houston/ Category: Green space, Urban


  • Memorial Park - Perks: This park is one of my favorite spots. The wildness of the field gives our pictures texture and a beautiful green backdrop in the spring and a great rustic look in the fall. I even know a spot with great parking and a bathroom!

  • http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/ourparks/memorialpark.html Category: Green space

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Buffalo bayou - Perks: Buffalo Bayou was recently renovated and its gorgeous! There are some spots with some cool artwork too and fun little secret spots with great city scapes that are still soft and beautiful. Fails: Lots of walking, parking isn't fun. Category: Green space

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  • Market square park - Perks: This park is small but it has a lot of different options crammed in! And Nikos Nikos is right there if you get hungry! Across the street is the psychedelic We Love Houston mural on the Treebeard's wall that always makes gorgeous photos. There are also lots of walkable places around here. Fails: It's downtown which means parking is no fun and undesirable characters may approach you. No bathrooms. Category: Urban

  • Discovery Green (Add $10) - Perks: It has that urban park feel that other parks don't have. There are lots of good places to work with and you can get some real variety here. Bathrooms yes! Fails: It's downtown which means parking is no fun and undesirable characters may approach you. Also it can get pretty busy here. I can't always get all the people out of the shot espically if the convention center is packed. http://www.discoverygreen.com/ Category: Urban

  • Eleanor Tinsley Park - Perks: Let's face it. The Houston skyline is the best thing about this park. Fails: playground equipment, parking and no bathrooms. Category: Green space, Skyline!

Cypress: (??? Please advise!!!)

West side:

Spring Valley Village City Park (Warning: Has playground equipment. May distract kiddos) http://www.springvalleytx.com/parks/

Bear Creek park - Perks: This is another massive park! They also have baseball feilds which are often unlocked. Perfect for Dad! Bathrooms yes (But they are your standard rather scary park bathrooms)! Fails: It floods when it rains and during soccer and baseball season there are a million people there on Saturday mornings. http://www.pct3.hctx.net/parks/bearcreekpioneers.aspx Category: Green Space

  • Terry Hershey park - Perks: This parks is very large and very pretty. You could wander in here for days! In the fall it has some great spots for turning leaves. Fails: No bathrooms. No manicured spaces, no nothing! It's just trees and water! http://terryhersheypark.org/ Category: Green space

  • City center (Add $50) - Perks: This place is filled with gorgeous light! And it has that upscale urban feel without having to drive in town. Bathrooms Yes! Fails: They started charging. Also you have to go very early because this place is packed by 10:00. http://citycentrehouston.com/ Category: Urban

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Willow Fork Community Park - No bathrooms.


  • Heritage park - Perks: This is an adorable little park with a couple historical homes. You can't go inside the homes but the porches have very nice light. Not to mentions this cute little yellow door! Fails: Its's fairly small and its easy to quickly exhaust all your options. Good for little ones with a short window. No bathrooms. http://katyheritagesociety.com/ Category: Rustic


Pearland: (??? Please advise!!!)





  • Richmond Historical Houses Park - Perks: This park is always deserted. The homes are old and lovely and they are riddled with character. It's also within walking distance to train tracks, a nice field and some cute old shops in downtown Richmond. Fails: No bathrooms and sometimes you have to jump the fence. Wow I haven't been there in a while. I had to reach back a few years to find a photo! N.5th and Calhoun Category: Rustic

  • Private Ranch (Permission and appointment necessary. Fees may apply) - Perks: This Barn!!! Live animals, gorgeous treescapes, and a VERY authentic look. This is a working ranch so there is nothing held back out here. The land is massive and has some really nice spots. Fails: It is a working ranch and someone's home so scheduling is tricky. The cows can limit which areas you can approach and everything has to be accessed with the gator. No bathrooms. Category: Rustic, Texas Grit

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  • Another Time Soda Fountain - Perks: SO CUTE! They tend to not care if you take photos in there as long as you buy something. And who doesn't want a sundae? It is also seconds from downtown Richmond which has its own rustic charm. Bathrooms yes! Fails: Business hours and actual customers. http://www.anothertimesodafountain.com/ Category: Rustic

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North Side:

  • Mercer arboretum - Perks: This place is always gorgeous! They work very hard to keep the flowers blooming and the grounds pretty. Its also very large so it offers a wide variety. In the spring and summer there is a pretty wildflower field as well. The other side of the arboretum is the foresty side so if you want something less manicured that is also an option. It has clean bathrooms and water fountains to boot. Fails: It's a little far. If you're in Humble or Spring it might be perfect for you but http://www.hcp4.net/community/parks/mercer Category: Green space

  • Kingwood East End park - Perks: You know those gorgeous fields with tall grass and purple tipped wheat looking thingys? It's got em! Fails: SO FAR!!! It requires a bit of walking. Babies with a time limit beware. No bathrooms. http://www.eastendpark.com/ Category: Green space, Rustic

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If you have any suggestions or would like to shoot at another place just let me know! Keep in mind that some places do charge for the use of their grounds or require appointments. I always prefer to shoot outdoors. But the weather doesn't always allow it. If your session needs to be rescheduled due to weather I always recommend it. If for some reason that is not possible I can reserve a studio space if it is available. Fees apply.