Chelsea and Corey

Imagine for a moment that you've spent a whole year planning something. You've spent hours and hours choreographing vendors and details and seating charts and friends and family. You're terribly excited because you know everything is going to be breath taking because you've worked really hard to make it that way. And then one week before your event Hurricane Harvey hits. And you have to watch as your whole city is submerged under water and it becomes more and more clear as you hear from your friends and family and vendors that your ENTIRE WEDDING has to be rescheduled. Yeah. I know I wouldn't have done it with the elegance and grace that Chelsea did it. But she pulled it off. And once she had that dress on with her hands in those pockets (is there anything better than a dress with pockets?) everything just flowed.

The weather couldn't have been more beautiful and despite everything it was a flawless day. The decor was classic and elegant and matched the bride perfectly. I think the secret to her easy going nature is the sneakers she was rocking under that wedding gown! I cried behind my camera ALL night it was such a touching wedding full of the most genuine and wonderful people you will ever meet!