Amanda and Chris' Wedding

This wedding was so flawless! Amanda had such a wonderful bridal party and Mom/day of planner. I was really struck (and a little jealous!) by how close Amanda and her Mom were. They all really made my job so easy and kept Amanda stress free. Not that she really needed it. 

Some couples are just ready to walk down the aisle and confident in their relationship. Amanda and Chris just kind of folded into being married like they always had been. Their ceremony included a foot washing ceremony which makes me cry every. damn. time. There's just something so raw and vulnerable about washing your fiancee's feet in front of your whole family and Chris did it without batting an eye. I was in the bushes blubbering for that part. I hope those are in focus because I couldn't see through the tears!

The reception was great fun which I can always tell by how often Q breaks into spontaneous dance or when I see one of the groomsmen with Q's camera taking pictures! Hahahaha! And the sweet bonus of Chelsea's surprise engagement during the reception was so exciting. I loved how excited Amanda was for her surprise engagement to be at her reception! I'm really hoping they get married again next year!